We are ITsPeople. It’s embedded in the name: it’s the people who make a difference and it’s the people that make differences last creating sustainable change.

We create sustainable change by working with client organizations from the established strategy towards desired results. By deploying expert change management teams, we are capable of helping our clients in their next steps. With our unique approach, we focus on strategy implementation and the realization of complex (digital) transformations. We provide these services a.o. to clients in the financial-, public-, industry sector and healthcare.

The key to success in all transformations lies in the extent to which individuals within the client organization adopt the change and become the driving force behind it. Through inspiring leadership, we connect the organization, people, and technology, to achieve a successful transformation together.

Our core values are personal, inspirational and expertise.

  • Personal: Represents the relationships we build with our clients, the employees of the client organization and our colleagues. Connecting people by working together.
  • Inspirational: Sharing insights, conveying enthusiasm and motivating others! Guiding people towards understanding where change can lead them.
  • Expertise: Our specialized professionals are experts in their respective fields; they are driven and focused on creating lasting results. We realize this by collaborating with clients and colleagues to mutually reinforce each other.

How we’re inspired and how we inspire others? By making the difference!
That’s why we’re proud partner of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“We help our clients realize complex (digital) transformations. Centered around people – driven by data and technology.”

Mario Kornuijt – Managing Partner