• Quality assurance assessment on organizational level, processes, techniques and knowledge
  • Developing, coaching and implementing the test strategy and/or policy
  • Setting up and coaching of test processes for projects and programs for example
  • Test Management advise and execution 
  • Test Coordination
  • Test Automation
  • Generic Test execution (performance, security, mobile, etc.)
  • Product Risk Analysis (PRA)

Project- and program management

  • Design, plan, steer, and deliver complex programs and projects
  • Project- and program management coaching and (interim) outsourcing
  • Establish project and program governance aligned with the organizations strategy
  • Change management through the adoption of projects and programs based on the desired strategy, with an emphasis on the soft side of change
  • Implementation management based on preparation, implementation, and post-implementation care following the established strategy
  • Expertise in essential factors throughout transformations, such as risk management, financial control, quality management, stakeholder management and communication

Business Consultancy

  • Determining appropriate strategic positioning by aligning business strategy and conducting business assessments
  • Evaluating current and creating future IT strategy, architecture and processes that support organizational objectives
  • Designing of Operating Model (TOM, sourcing, data model, RACI) including capability modeling & process modeling
  • Optimizing organizational design (including governance & way of working) to achieve change objectives
  • Creating feasible roadmaps for the successful implementation of (IT) change objectives
  • Optimizing the positioning of the value chain and go-to-market strategy

Process Management

  • Process analysis of existing and to-be-defined processes
  • Process optimization by identifying bottlenecks in the chain, organization and/or individual processes, followed by improvement proposals
  • Process design for new processes
  • Implementation of new processes, optimized processes and/or the ITs Target Operating Model
  • Achieving and maintaining the cohesion between processes, connecting the components of the ITs Target Operating Model and guiding the adoption process within the organization

ITs Productivity Center (IPC)

  • Coordination of information and activities across various types of projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Real-time insight into program/project progress, budget utilization and risk heat map
  • Advanced analytics & data visualization
  • Process automation and optimization
  • All support activities

The IPC team operates off-site but can be expanded with on-site services if desired.

Our services

We help organizations achieve their objectives. Together with our clients, in healthcare, the public sector and financial services, we realize sustainable change by focusing on people. It’s the people who make the difference. Complex transformations often occur in the domain of business strategy, technological transformation and change management. With our services we’re able to offer a complete package from strategic development to implementation.

Business Consultancy

We combine our strategic and management consultancy skills with our knowledge of IT and organizational change to execute successful transformations. We achieve this by helping organizations in defining, guiding, and realizing their strategic and business objectives.

Our consultants are experienced in strategic consulting, business/IT assessments, (IT) organizational modeling & transformation, and interim management. Our goal is to help our clients in building sustainable organizations.

Project Management

Our program and project managers execute complex transformations from start to finish. For, and together with the client.
Depending on the needs of the client organization, we provide a suitable project manager or a team of project managers to achieve the desired outcome.

We create the right balance by combining young talent with experienced project managers, allowing us to leverage broad and up-to-date knowledge for our execution.

Process Management

​We help organizations realize strategic objectives and transformation by implementing the ITs Target Operating Model (TOM). This includes mapping services, processes, governance, and IT. Additionally, we help organizations identify bottlenecks, optimize processes with suitable IT support, and its implementation. By implementing the ITs Target Operating Model, organizations can progress in their organizational development, consistently becoming more efficient, effective and predictable.

Data Management

We provide a holistic perspective on data and establish the necessary infrastructure for a more data-driven approach. With ITs Productivity Center (IPC), we ensure structure, quality, visualization and efficiency. In the growing demand for information and handling large amounts of data, our team ensures a proper setup and the required data-driven insights.


We take care of your quality assurance with our experienced Testers, Test Coordinators and Test Managers. We increase software quality so products, services and processes meet established standards and quality requirements. By creating insights and identifying risks, we help organizations make the right choices.

In addition to risk management, testing ensures cost savings on maintenance and repairs of systems. Depending on the wishes, our specialists help to formulate, establish and implementing the test strategy, policy, analysis or automation in an Agile, DevOps or Waterfall environment.