Give me more data   

Gaining insights and achieving efficiency through data-driven work

Did you know… 

Make-A-Wish Netherlands:  

  • Fulfilled more than 10.000 wishes  
  • Raised more than 9 million Euro in donations in 2022 
  • Almost had 24.000 donors in the year 2022 
  • With a growth of more than 8.000 donors, this number increased to more than 32.000 donors in 2023 
  • 57 people participated in Rope for Hope 2023 
  • 81 companies participated in the Business Challenge since 2022 

What an achievement but above all… What an enormous amount of data! How to deal with this efficiently and get the most out of it? By working data-driven with the help of Luc and Patrick from ITsPeople. 

Personal contributions  
With the start of the partnership in January 2023, Make-A-Wish and ITsPeople discussed how ITsPeople can contribute and make a difference. One of the core values ​​of ITsPeople is personal. So instead of just donating, ITsPeople would like to see how contributions can be made even more personal. For example, one of the wish granters was adopted and the question arose whether ITsPeople wanted to help Make-A-Wish with data-driven work. Luc and Patrick’s answer was a resounding YES! 

Ilse Helmons (COO) and Miranda Vos (Database Marketer) from Make-A-Wish would like to gain more insights from the data of Make-A-Wish. Based on the data strategy and desired developments, Ilse, Miranda, Patrick and Luc sat down together to see which questions could be answered with the help of data. 

Using budgets effectively 
For Make-A-Wish it’s important to raise as much money as possible to fulfill as many wishes as possible of children who suffer from critical illnesses. It’s for example important to know which campaigns were most successful. So, the team started to look at which types of campaigns have proven to be most effective in the past. By gaining this insight, it can be better assessed in the future how budgets can be used effectively.  

A PowerBI dashboard has been developed in a monthly feedback loop for initial insights. In the meantime, Luc and Patrick continue to look at what value can be unlocked from data to gain even better insights. One of the important insights is that most income comes from structural private donations of 10 Euro. Every donation, large, small, structural, periodically or one-off, naturally contributes to the goal of fulfilling as many wishes as possible! 

Ideal datasets  
Working with large amounts of data always involves challenges such as different data sources, data purity and data availability. The first challenge was to optimize data sets. Consider actions such as compiling, filtering, cleaning and linking the data. The quality of datasets is crucial to get the most out of data-driven work. 

Would you also like to contribute to fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children? Donate here. 

Would you like to know how Luc & Patrick can help you get the most out of your data? Contact us at or +31 (0) 30 22 70 954! 

“It’s nice to work with an organization that wants more with their data. It’s a different type of data (related to money flows and people/organizations) than I normally work with. It’s fun to get acquainted with a new context and see what’s possible with this kind of data.”

Patrick Mullenders – Data Consultant