Quick wins

A compilation of client wishes

The ambition of the Dutch Judiciary for digital transformation will lead to higher demands on the agility and scalability of applications, data, platforms, infrastructure and security resources in the coming years. The client plays an important role in achieving the goals of the Dutch Judiciary by providing information services and by actively contributing to digitalization. ITsPeople was commissioned to look for quick wins in the fulfillment of the ambition of the Dutch Judiciary. 

Requirements & SLA’s  
Digital transformations generally take some time. Reason for this, is that from vision and strategy a translation needs to be made to the portfolio. Next to that, the portfolio needs to be discussed and finetuned in relation to business requirements. Because many stakeholders are involved in this process, digital transformations have a long lead time. To make progress in the meantime, ITsPeople was assigned to investigate which quick wins could be realized on a shorter term.  

Part of this was to collect IT requirements from different stakeholders and cluster these. In an agile environment, the aim is to create continuity, flexibility, simplicity and realism. The added value that we have been able to create is mainly our pragmatic approach and objective view. Due to our execution power, we created insight into which areas progress could be made and quick wins could be realized. It is fulfilling to be able to contribute in this way to the digital transformation ambitions of the Dutch Judiciary.  

The information provision organization is an ICT service provider of the Dutch Judiciary. The organization manages and renews all digital facilities of the Dutch Judiciary. From supporting the more than 12,000 workplaces of the Dutch Judiciary to the development of digital services for lawyers, citizens and partners. 

“From vision and strategy, a translation needs to be made to the portfolio and requirements from all involved stakeholders. Bringing this all together is the best challenge there is.” 

Robert Klaassen – Project Manager