Business Challenge: Leopards & Trampolines  

A wish – small and tangible yet so impactful 

What is the Business Challenge of Make-A-Wish?  
In the Business Challenge of Make-A-Wish, teams compete against each other for the best possible wish fulfillment. There are so many wishes that Make-A-Wish wants to fulfill from children with critical illnesses. They can definitely use a hand! Therefore, they challenge companies to compete against each other to realize a wish from A to Z and raise as many donations as possible. ITsPeople doesn’t shy away from a challenge, so of course, we participated! 

How we experienced the business challenge? Dennis will tell you more about it…  
Having a dream, big or small, everybody dreams, and everybody makes wishes. My dream is to go skydiving! One wish is even bigger and more unrealistic than the other. I can make my wish come true by planning it and just doing it. I’m healthy, got a roof over my head and have a job. But what if your health fails you and you become ill? What if what’s normal for you, becomes less evident? Your world becomes smaller and smaller. Your big and unrealistic dreams become smaller and more tangible.  

This was the case for Saar, a wish child of Make-A-Wish from whom our team had the opportunity to organize a wish for during the Business Challenge. Saar is 9 years old and thankfully recovering from her illness. Saar is crazy about leopards, so they had to be included in the plan! To top it off, she always wanted to have a slumber party on a trampoline.  

On my way to the location of the Business Challenge many different scenarios went through my mind involving crazy shows, helicopters, and celebrities. But Saar wanted leopards and trampolines. Small and tangible.  

After we heard Saar’s wish, a short video was displayed in which Saar introduced herself, her sisters and brother. It was so admirable and inspiring to see and hear the positive mindset of Saar, even in such a short video. Something we can learn a lot from as adults. The video gave the group an incredible boost to make sure Saar will have the most amazing day in which her wish can become reality!  

Saar is dreaming away to her unforgettable day that started with a wish – so small and tangible. Doesn’t the reverse apply as well? The Business Challenge was an unforgettable experience for us! By arranging a few things and leveraging our network, we’ve taken the first steps to fulfill Saar’s wish. Small steps for a great wish fulfillment.  

It was an amazing experience in which a.o. empathy, passion, creativity, competitiveness, and above all, a lot of fun came together. If you work together towards the same goal and really go for it, you can achieve a lot of great things. This is a characteristic of ITsPeople. Making a difference together, just as we do for our clients, but this time for Saar.  

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“If you work together towards the same goal and really go for it, you can achieve a lot of great things.”

Dennis Buitenhuis – Project Manager