Business Challenge: Saar’s wish fulfillment 

Wishes come true

September 30th, 2023, the most desired wish of Saar became reality! During a successful Business Challenge, ITsPeople collected almost €10,000.- thanks to around 200 generous donors. With the donations not only Saar’s wish could be fulfilled but also that of other wish kids. Next to collecting donations, we engaged in a creative process with the team to fulfill Saar’s wish as best as possible.  

A first surprise was delivered after Saar her vacation. A package with a small hint about the day itself. Saar had to create a Spotify playlist for on the road. Of course it was not disclosed this was for in the limousine! Roar from Katy Perry was not on the list but would have been very fitting. Because… Saar and her family were guided by a ranger to discover the wilderness and wild animals of Beekse Bergen! And there were a lot of them. Beekse Bergen almost has 100 animal species. After Saar spotted her favorite animal, the leopard of course, she was allowed to take a look behind the scenes and feed the lions! Exciting but above all very cool! 

After this exciting adventure it was time to go home for a short rest. Although, this did not last long. The limousine was ready to take Saar and her family to the next destination. The leopard was checked off the list, so what was left? Trampolines! Saar and her family were dropped at a jump park and received a warm welcome. The trampoline-slumber party started. The disco lights and music were on and after sushi it was time to learn tricks from a true jump master. Custom designed tents in a complete panther theme completed the slumber party. But, the best gift of the evening was… Adopting a panther! Saar can adopt a panther for a year, which she can name and visit and care for throughout the year. Saar’s reaction was priceless. An unforgettable day. 

Wish fulfiller Alev  
ITsPeople colleague Alev was part of Saar’s wish fulfillment. For her, being part of the whole process was extra special. Not just because she was involved from the start, the Business Challenge, till the wish fulfillment but especially because the theme in general is very personal.  

“In my role at ITsPeople, where we believe that people make the difference, it is amazing to be involved in the inspiring activities of Make-A-Wish. In my family we organized a wishday for my niece, not as professional as Make-A-Wish, but it is a day we will never forget as a family and often reminisce. Every child deserved to live a carefree childhood. 

The impact of a wish fulfillment is huge. That is why it was extra special for me to be part of Saar’s day. During the Business Challenge we saw an inspiring video of Saar, such an amazing kid! The collection of donations brought some challenges because we do not have iDeal in Belgium, but this was fixed by using credit cards. It was so amazing to see how generous people are when it involves helping giving children with critical illnesses a day they will never forget.  

The more time progressed, the more tangible the wish fulfillment became. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the wish fulfillment gives a child an extra boost to look forward to it. The wish fulfillment itself showed once again how open-minded children can be. When I, as a Belgian, pointed out that I might use words that they did not understand, Saar spontaneously replied: “Oh, my grandmother is from Brabant. She sometimes says strange things as well.”. It was so much fun in the limousine that the driver was also asked to join the adventures of Beekse Bergen. He loved coming along but also got a bit of a Jurassic Park feeling. Beekse Bergen has gone above and beyond to create an unforgettable adventure. It was very nice to see what effect the wish fulfillment had on the whole family and how much fun they had.” 

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A big thank you to all partners, friends, family and acquaintances that contributed! We appreciate this tremendously.