ITs Tom! The target operating model of ITsPeople 

Creating tranquility by predictable processes 

Designing and implementing a TOM to become more predictable and continuously improve. That sounds nice, but how does it work? Anke, Practice Lead of Process Management, will tell you more about it. 

What is TOM? 
“A Target Operating Model (abbreviated as TOM), we often refer to as a framework or model, but I prefer to see it as a construction drawing. A construction drawing that makes it clear what the connection is between the different building blocks of an organization. When these building blocks are in balance, you will create an excellent organization. 

As an organization you need to know what you deliver, which process steps you go through to deliver, who does what and whether all resources are available for implementation. Then, you need data to test this. You slowly see a shift from flat and rigid organizations to more holistic and organic organizations. By using a TOM, it is possible to represent the complexity and coherence of parts more schematically and clearly. This helps in structuring the organization.” 

“At ITsPeople we have an ITsTOM, which consists of the following components:  

  • Service: what does an organization deliver and what is its core business. 
  • Processes: primary and supporting processes required for delivering the service/product. 
  • People: for realizing the service or product. 
  • Resources: direct and indirect resources required to provide the service/product. 
  • Data: feedback loops that are necessary to be able to keep developing (continuous improvement). 
  • Governance: a structure that makes it possible for an organization to function as a healthy organism.

Of course, there are many organizations that have their own interpretation of a TOM and its associated components. Therefore, ITsTOM will have similar components to other models. The strength of ITsTom, is that we at ITsPeople have all the disciplines in-house to help organizations go through the process from designing a TOM to implementing it. So, you do not just get an advisory report, but we also take care of the implementation and corresponding (adoption) processes.” 

“Setting up a TOM helps to gain insight into an organization’s SOLL situation. Once the IST and SOLL are known, it can be tested where the GAPS are in order to determine what can be worked on first to further develop the organization towards excellence. In this sense, a TOM is a reference point and assessment. 

If the outcomes of processes are unpredictable, you can only make adjustments based on behavior. There is often a feeling of “this is happening to us/me”. Which causes stress, irritation and frustration. It is difficult to get a grip on incidents. By working with a TOM (and therefore standard processes), outcomes become more predictable. By going through a process in the same way every time, the same outcome is expected. This may not always be the desired outcome, but it is predictable. This allows you to make controlled adjustments, or in other words; improve continuously. You can continue to manage with a fixed process, data and measurements. No matter how unpleasant an undesirable outcome may be, if you know it in advance, you can anticipate it. Being able to anticipate gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to solve or prevent it.” 

Curious how ITsTOM can be applied in your organization and how ITsPeople can help? Contact us at or +31 (0) 30 22 70 954! We are happy to help with assessing or setting up a target operating model, determine the IST, SOLL and GAP and we have the execution power and professionals with different expertise to implement it and put it to practice.  

“Together with our clients we work on predictable outcomes of processes so direction can be given from strategy and portfolio and sustainable development and change can be created in controllable steps.” 

Anke Willems – Practice Lead