Building strategically

Multiple assignments in one 

Building strategically

ITsPeople worked on various assignments for an international transport organization. As in every market, there are developments that must be anticipated for a sustainable existence. After a strategy session and market analysis, the work could begin. 

From strategy to portfolio 
Due to market developments, a review of the strategy was required. In a strategy session, the current portfolio was mapped and linked to the strategy and market developments. A portfolio management process was designed to ensure effective prioritization and resource allocation. A Project Acceptance Board and Design Authority Board were used for this, among other things. To support portfolio management, a PMO office was designed and set up with a team including fifteen employees. 

In addition to the practical design within the organization, close attention was paid to existing propositions and new desired solutions within the market. ITsPeople helped in designing new services and propositions to anticipate market developments. For this business cases with solution components, market size and potential, risk analysis, financials and a delivery plan were used. 

Implementation and compliancy  
To comply with legislation and regulations ITsPeople implemented a covenant. One of the requirements was continuous reporting to all stakeholders involved. A dashboard was developed for this purpose, including progress reporting. ITsPeople led the monthly progress reporting to the authorities involved. 

Bringing the assignments together  
It is a nice challenge to be able to do so many different assignments for one client. At ITsPeople we have been able to really contribute to the organization by creating an overview of current and desired change processes, facilitating decision-making and optimizing the portfolio. The approach was very pragmatic, which made it easy to interact with many different stakeholders. This way you can truly work together towards desired results.