Let’s talk adoption

The start of a partnership between Make-A-Wish & ITsPeople

In January 2023 André, Founder and Managing Partner of ITsPeople, saw a post on LinkedIn from Hanneke Verburg, CEO of Make-A-Wish Netherlands. He was triggered: what Make-A-Wish does is so inspiring! He instantly thought of collaboration possibilities. ITsPeople, it’s embedded in the name, revolves around people. How amazing is it for an organization to not only contribute to its own people and those of client organization but also to others? The slogan of ITsPeople is “Make the difference” for a reason! That’s exactly what Make-A-Wish does; making the difference by fulfilling wishes of children who suffer from critical illnesses. A partnership was inevitable, but how to shape it was the follow-up question. 

ITsPeople wants to engage in sustainable initiatives to be able to truly make a difference. Merely donating to a good cause is too easy and not enough. “Then, what do you want?” Hanneke asked. To which André replied: “We’re all about making a difference, so I want to adopt you.”. How does that work? ITsPeople covers the salary of a wish fulfiller. This way, Make-A-Wish has one less responsibility and many more wishes can be granted. ITsPeople also participated in the Business Challenge and Skills by Wishes and is helping Make-A-Wish in how to work more data-driven. The bond between Make-A-Wish and ITsPeople is lasting. André: “Since you’ve been adopted, you’re part of our family now.”.  

Read the full interview in the Make-A-Wish magazine here. 

“What Make-A-Wish does is priceless.”

Andre Keizer – Founder and Managing Partner of ITsPeople