Rope for Hope

Holding on for dear life. A real once in a lifetime experience!

There he was. On top of the WTC in Amsterdam. In full armor he admired the beautiful view of the capital. He was asked to climb over the rail and to ‘just hang back’. Dare devil Rico participated in Rope for Hope of Make-A-Wish. Rope for Hope is a challenge in which participants abseil from a height of no less than 105 meters from the WTC Amsterdam to collect as much donations as possible to fulfill wishes of children who suffer from critical illnesses.  

When Rico shared with his friends and family that he would abseil from a building of 105 meters high they thought he was crazy! They would never do something like that. How exciting! But Rico, as experienced boulderer and climber is used to heights. Even so, the tension towards the day started building slowly. A little bit nervous but most of all with anticipation he left for Amsterdam.  

Hanging back  
He could hear from a distance where he needed to be. The upbeat music welcomed him to the grounds. The DJ made sure all the participants were in the right mood and mindset. Every 20 minutes a duo abseiled down.  

Rico was provided with the necessary equipment and took the elevator to the 22nd floor. After all safety checks, the moment was finally there. If he ‘just wanted to hang back’. Maybe the most exciting part of the day! The tension disappeared after a few seconds and he ‘just abseiled down’. 50 meters above the ground, Rico heard the DJ and the crowd cheering him on. Before he knew it, both feet were on the ground again. What an experience. So much fun and exciting at the same time! It was a beautiful day. AT5, including camera crew, also abseiled down the WTC. Rico even helped testing the audio and video. A day full of experiences and adventure.  

It is a memory he will hold on to for life. It did not only impact himself, but you also contribute to a greater good; making someone else’s life more beautiful. Being able to contribute to fulfilling wishes of children with a critical illness is very special. In this way not only Rico had an unforgettable day but also ITsPeople and all donors can contribute to an unforgettable day for wish children.  

Would you like to participate in Rope for Hope? Check the website of Make-A-Wish for more information.  

“Several people benefit from this experience. That is amazing and I am grateful that I could participate in that. I would recommend it to anyone.” 

Rico van Leeuwen – Project Manager