The Foundation Story 

How ITs started 

After retiring for two weeks, André found out that being a retiree was not for him. With extensive experience in consultancy and running several businesses, he wanted to do something different this time. In the same field, but with a different approach. 

André: “Many organizations are revenue driven. I don’t believe this is a sustainable approach. I truly believe in people and what I believe above all is that if you deliver quality, revenue will follow. To me, it’s all about the people as it’s the people who make the difference and make change last. ITsPeople was established.”. 

And if it’s all about people, alone is very alone. André found a friend and partner in Mario. André and Mario met each other in the consultancy field. Mario was Program Manager and managed an IT merger between two major financial institutions. André was impressed by the military precision and discipline with which Mario executes programs. Mario knows how to find the ideal balance between content, necessity, and people. He knows like no other how to embed the people aspect in complex transformations. Mario got acquainted with André and got to know him as a strategic mastermind. Mario instantly felt a connection as André is genuinely interested and authentic, uses a personal approach and is content driven. Another common feature is that they both implement strategy with people as central component. A core value they still hold on to at ITsPeople.  

Together they are committed to the people of ITsPeople and client organizations. But, they prefer to add value even beyond that. It’s their dream to get hired for assignments and by clients where they can add value to society as a whole. The purpose is meaning, progress, quality delivery and a pleasant approach. Truly creating something. Together.  

The way ITsPeople conducts business is brought together by knowledge, experience, discipline, attitude, and behavior. We shift effortlessly between different methodologies such as Agile, Lean and PRINCE2. ITsPeople operates on the levels people, process, and technology. Due to the diversity in the team, we learn from each other. For example: on insights and approach. We all look at the same problem but experience it differently. The different points of view and multidisciplinary teams enable us to understand and solve complex issues. Truly adding value, conform our slogan “Make the difference”.   

“We have a personal approach, are experts in the field and like what we do.  The service we offer, takes us far and this reflects in the magnificent compliments we receive from our clients. We fix things. We get the job done. And we receive this trust from our clients. We’re very grateful that people know how to reach us, the world-famous 2nd and 3rd floor in Zaltbommel, to take on challenging and complex issues.” 

Want to know more how ITsPeople can add value for your organization? Or do you want to become part of our organization? Get in touch through or +31 (0) 30 22 70 954! 

“My philosophy? If you take care of the work, the work will take care of you. If you take care of the work of your customer, the customer will take care of you.”

Andre Keizer – Founder and Managing Partner of ITsPeople